How Not to Drown in Scripture

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Holy Scripture is, as I said, the highest and best learning that anyone can have, if one takes the right way in the learning.

It is—as a good, holy saint says—so marvelously devised that a mouse could wade in it and an elephant be drowned in it.

For there is no man so lowly but that if he will seek his way with the staff of his faith in his hand, and hold that fast and search the way with that, and have the early fathers of the Church also for his guides, going on with a good determination and a humble heart, using reason and refusing no good learning, while calling upon God for wisdom, grace, and help that he may well keep his way and follow his good guides, then he will never fall into danger, but will quite safely wade through and come to such an end of his journey as he would well wish.

But assuredly, be he as long as Longinus, if he has a proud heart and puts his trust in his own intelligence (as does anyone, humble as he may appear, who disregards all the early fathers of the Church), that fellow will not fail to sink over the ears and drown.

~ St. Thomas More

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