Taking a Beating for the Truth

Locking down Florida last year was a “huge mistake,” for which the state’s governor, Ron DeSantis, is to blame. The same goes for most states in the Union, of course.

There are differences, however.

DeSantis was among the first of the lockdown governors to implement a phased reopening, making him a continual target of desperate media smears.

Instead of caving in, the chief executive responded by fully restoring and actively defending the liberties of his own people, and placing himself at the forefront of a counteroffensive against the forces of wokeness and pseudoscience presently seeking to subvert democracy across our planet.

Most impressive of all, in light of our recent exploration of the virtue of meekness, is the staggering fact that DeSantis admits he was wrong to begin with.

Even as the high and mighty rage against him, DeSantis has been vindicated by both the science and by the comparative prosperity of his people. “I have a tough time paying for a meal in Florida just because I saved a lot of these restaurants from oblivion,” he remarks.

Capturing the quintessence of biblical meekness, the governor adds: “As people were beating up on me, what I said was I’d rather them beat up on me than have someone lose their job. I’d rather have them beat up on me than have kids locked out of school. I’m totally willing to take whatever heat comes our way because we’re doing the right thing.”

I have little prior knowledge of DeSantis, and am certainly in no position to judge the depth of his sincerity or the state of his soul. Though I would note that Stanford University Medical School professor Jay Bhattacharya avers that “the Republican governor knows more about coronavirus literature than ‘most epidemiologists.'”

Based on his willingness to seek the truth and take a beating for what is right, I have no hesitation awarding Governor Ron DeSantis the highly coveted Speak Judgment Profiles in Meekness Award.

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