Supernatural Results

The man of faith judges active works by quite a different light from the man who lives in outward things. What he looks at is not so much the outward appearance of things, as their place in the divine plan and their supernatural results. This abandonment does not in the least diminish his zeal forContinue reading “Supernatural Results”

What the Church Always Is

Those who really believe do not attribute too much importance to the struggle for the reform of ecclesiastical structures. They live on what the Church always is; and if one wants to know what the Church really is, one must go to them. For the Church is most present, not where organizing, reforming, and governingContinue reading “What the Church Always Is”

Worth the Squeeze

When bad men combine, the good must associate;else they will fall, one by one,an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle. Edmund Burke Kudos to Roger Simon for locating the original source of the paraphrased wisdom so often attributed to this great statesman and philosopher. The thought may sound similar, whether we consider Burke’s actual wordsContinue reading “Worth the Squeeze”

The Problem with Politics, and its Solution

Plato says that all would be well if only wise men reigned—or if all those who reigned were philosophers.But in the same way that wise men wisely avoid ruling fools, so do fools foolishly refuse to submit to the rule of the wise.And so confusion reigns. William of St. Thierry Beginning from the above premise,Continue reading “The Problem with Politics, and its Solution”

Setting a Watch

Holy Saturday commemorates the day between our Lord’s brutal execution, and his glorious resurrection. From the rising of today’s sun, to the setting of the same, his precious body was separated from his human soul, such that he who is eternal Life truly experienced the deprivations of death. God, of course, cannot die, and suchContinue reading “Setting a Watch”