Day of Wrath? Or Day of Mercy?

It is therefore a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead, that they may be loosed from sins. 2 Mac. 12:46 Sacred music can play an important role in helping us to digest the wisdom contained in sacred texts. By evoking passions befitting the truths of faith, music can help the intellect gainContinue reading “Day of Wrath? Or Day of Mercy?”

“And the Light Shines in Darkness”

These are dark times. The public sphere seems dominated by fear, violence, vitriol, cynicism, and contempt for one’s fellow man. Words of comfort are sorely needed. Words cannot make our troubles disappear, or relieve us of the responsibility of confronting them. They can help us to develop the wisdom to know what is good, theContinue reading ““And the Light Shines in Darkness””

Delighting in the Wisdom of the Lord

This blog takes its name from Psalm 36, which speaks of the relationship between justice and wisdom. “The mouth of the just shall meditate wisdom,” we read, “and his tongue shall speak judgment (loquetur judicium).” How can a mouth meditate? Here the mouth is an image of the mind. The words we speak with ourContinue reading “Delighting in the Wisdom of the Lord”