Without Guile

“I know mine, and mine know me.” With these mysterious words, the Lord gives evidence of his credentials as Good Shepherd—the One fit to rule his sheep because he is willing to lay down his soul for them. In these days when false Christs abound, we may well wonder how precisely the Shepherd and hisContinue reading “Without Guile”

Guarding the Gates of Hell

Thou art Peter;and upon this rock I will build my church,and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Matthew 16:18 Blogger’s note: The following was originally posted in February of 2021. Though the author makes no pretension to the power of prophesy, subsequent events seem to support the theological premise on which theContinue reading “Guarding the Gates of Hell”

Being a Good Liberal

In his classic work, The Framework of a Christian State, the Reverend E. Cahill, S. J. identifies three meanings of the term “liberal.” Most properly, the term is “derived from the Latin word liber (free),” referring to “such personal qualities or style of acting and thinking as may be thought worthy of a freeman.” InContinue reading “Being a Good Liberal”

Advice for the True Taking of the Old Faith

In times of doctrinal confusion, how are we to know what God will have us believe? Some advice from St. Thomas More: I will advise you therefore, good readers, for the true taking of the old faith, and for the discerning thereof from all new, to stand to the common, well-known belief of the common-knownContinue reading “Advice for the True Taking of the Old Faith”

Committed in a Holy Place

As we reach back into the section of our spiritual wardrobe where sackcloth and ashes are providently stored, this blogger would like to impart a friendly word, spoken in Christian mercy, to those who fancy that occupying a place somewhat loftier than their fellow mortals, not yet deceased, equips them with an alchemical power toContinue reading “Committed in a Holy Place”

Frivolous People

Now the parable is this: The seed is the word of God. Luke 8:11 Scatterbrained frivolous peoplerob themselves of the Word’s power.Belial with his childrenanyhow seeks to obstruct itso that it produces nothing useful. Cantata BWV 181 For your (non-frivolous) delectation & meditation, here is a link to a marvelous performance of this Cantata forContinue reading “Frivolous People”