The Training of the Saints

All the evil men, from Cain to those who desolate the universe today, have had the appearance of great and powerful princes who have produced a great effect in the world and whom men have worshipped. All these monsters only come into the world to exercise the courage of the children of God, and whenContinue reading “The Training of the Saints”

Infallible Arms

What is Lucifer? He is a brilliant intelligence, the most enlightened of all; but an intelligence discontented with God and his Order. Lucifer, as far as lies within his power, wishes to leave nothing in the state in which God has ordained and placed it. Wherever he penetrates, you will always find the work ofContinue reading “Infallible Arms”

Special Gifts

Everything in nature has what belongs to its species. Every flower has what it needs. Every animal follows successfully its instinct, and every creature has its own perfection. Just so is it in the various states of grace: Each has its specific gifts, and there is a recompense for each of those whose good willContinue reading “Special Gifts”

Broken to Pieces

No opposition to the prudence of the flesh is surer than the simplicity which eludes all the traps of worldly wisdom without thinking or even being aware of them. The divine action causes the soul to take such wise measures that she surprises those who are trying to make her stumble. She profits by allContinue reading “Broken to Pieces”

Simple Souls, Unite!

All simple souls mutually approve and esteem each other, saying: let us go each by her own path to the common goal, united in that point, and by the selfsame identical means, of the Order of God so variously expressed in us all. This is the spirit in which we should read lives of saintsContinue reading “Simple Souls, Unite!”

The Virtues Chosen for Us

All souls cannot aspire to receive the same kind of virtue from the variety of divine impressions, but all can receive the touch belonging to that state which is appropriate for them. Some dwell in light and some in darkness, but what does this matter? The soul seeks God himself and his action. Let usContinue reading “The Virtues Chosen for Us”

The Secret of Sanctity

If you wish to think, write, and talk like apostles, prophets, and saints, abandon yourselves as they did to divine inspiration. Had the saints of the first days any other secret than that of becoming, moment by moment, what the divine action wished to make of them? And will that divine action fail to shedContinue reading “The Secret of Sanctity”