From the Son to the Father

I promised Dear Reader to say a bit more about Alessandro Scarlatti (1660-1725), and Lent is a good time to keep promises unbroken. Besides, having a meditative listen to his version of Stabat Mater (tracks 13-30, lyrics here) is an excellent way to keep holy this Saturday in Passion Week. Scarlatti père is gifted inContinue reading “From the Son to the Father”

Receiving the Spirit of Sons

Despite his Jesuit education, which often serves him so well, Tocqueville appears to miss the memo on magnanimity, that virtue by which we humbly accept the greatness to which God and nature call us. Responding to “moralists” who “complain constantly that the favorite vice of our period is pride,” Tocqueville asks us to look deeper.Continue reading “Receiving the Spirit of Sons”