Kingdom Come

Almost a century ago, Pope Pius XI instituted the feast of Christ the King, to be celebrated on the last Sunday of October. Though placed towards the end of the liturgical year, this reminder of our Savior’s regal office was not intended to replace the last Sunday in the Church’s annual cycle, which (like theContinue reading “Kingdom Come”

O Mighty King!

Great Lord, O mighty king, dearest Savior, O how little you regard earthly splendor! He who maintains the whole world, and created its glory and adornment, must sleep in a hard crib! J. S. Bach, Christmas Oratorio My favorite recording of this magnificent music is by Collegium Vocale Ghent. What do you think? Please comment,Continue reading “O Mighty King!”

Each a King unto Himself (under God)

Writing to the King of Cyprus, St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) advises him to submit his governance to three guides: “the authority of Holy Writ,” “the teachings of the philosophers,” and “the practice of worthy princes.” Like sailing a ship, governance is the skillful direction of a body to its “due end.” A pilot may “proceedContinue reading “Each a King unto Himself (under God)”