Reset This!

The New York Times would like you to think that the Great Reset is a conspiracy theory cooked up by disgruntled right-wing deniers of whatever the masses are being programmed to believe in this news cycle. This is the same paper that, in the 1930s, solemnly dismissed “rumors” of the (very real) Soviet-orchestrated famine responsibleContinue reading “Reset This!”

Public Opinion & Propaganda

In this seminal essay, Robert Nisbet explains how our contemporary obsession with popular opinion constitutes a deadly distortion of the logic of genuine republican government. Though good government rests on the consent of the governed, and public policy ought to be based on a refinement of public views, this does not mean that rulers oughtContinue reading “Public Opinion & Propaganda”

Escaping Mental Bondage

Josef Pieper (1904-1997) lived through one of the most brutal of modern tyrannies: the murderous reign of the Nazi party. Before and after Nazi domination, Germany has been regarded as one of the most advanced liberal democracies. Decades after the liberation of Europe from totalitarianism, Pieper reflected on how the sophistications of modern culture, ratherContinue reading “Escaping Mental Bondage”