Speaking of Glory

Musicologists have noted that Vivaldi saved his best music for the Church. Consulting their own sensibilities, they tend to think this is because it’s where he found his largest audience. Consulting this blogger’s, I’d rather believe it had something to do with the Red Priest’s desire to glorify his Lord. Speaking of glory, we areContinue reading “Speaking of Glory”

How to Define Dogma

Today we commemorate the day on which “the Immaculate Mother of God, the ever Virgin Mary, having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heavenly glory.” These words are taken from a decree of Pope Pius XII, solemnly defining as dogma—that is, as revealed by God—a privilege which theContinue reading “How to Define Dogma”

Bach ‘N Roll!

Rinaldo Alessandrini, harpsichordist and conductor of Concerto Italiano, has recorded enough albums to fill the seven seas. And each one sounds as if he spent a lifetime perfecting every detail. Although competition for this distinction is stiff, I think he must be considered one of the greatest interpreters of Vivaldi. His reconstruction of a VivaldianContinue reading “Bach ‘N Roll!”

Make Haste to Help!

When our eldest daughter was but a toddler, one of her pastimes was helping my wife with the laundry. One day, as her mother passed her a wet sock for the dryer, she paused, gave her an approving look, and proudly proclaimed: “Mama, you’re a big helper!” Much older now, she herself is a biggerContinue reading “Make Haste to Help!”

Baroque and Roll!

Musica Florea is one of several contemporary Czech ensembles whose musicianship strikes me as out of this world. They have been playing since 1992, under the direction of cellist Marek Štryncl, and have many fine recordings to their credit. In December of last year they performed to what appears to be an empty hall, forContinue reading “Baroque and Roll!”