The Light of the Living

Psalm 55 (56 in the Hebrew) is written for “a people that is removed at a distance from the sanctuary.” Separated from his Creator, man turns on himself and becomes his own enemy: Have mercy on me, O God, for man hath trodden me under foot; all the day long he hath afflicted me fightingContinue reading “The Light of the Living”

Knowing the Lord

It is the “first day of the week,” and the first day of our Lord’s resurrected life (Lk. 24). Two of his disciples are walking on the road, “reason[ing] with themselves,” “and are sad” in their reasoning. It is fitting that Christ appears to them in earnest discourse, for Christ himself is the Logos (Reason)Continue reading “Knowing the Lord”

Gaining Mastery of the World

St. Catherine of Sienna’s Dialogue with Christ begins with a question precisely opposed to the one  most of us would think of asking: “What can I do to suffer for you?” In response, Jesus affirms the generosity of her desire, but proceeds to instruct the saint on the true nature and value of Christian suffering.Continue reading “Gaining Mastery of the World”

What is the World to Me?

What is the world to meWith all its vaunted pleasureWhen Thou, and Thou alone,Lord Jesus, art my Treasure!Thou only, dearest Lord,My soul’s Delight shalt be;Thou art my Peace, my Rest,What is the world to me! The world is like a cloudAnd like a vapor fleeting,A shadow that declines,Swift to its end retreating.My Jesus doth abide,ThoughContinue reading “What is the World to Me?”